Mount Union Stories: Merle Richard Gates (1916-1923)

Published as it appeared on Aug. 9, 1923, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times, Page 3, Column 4. Seven-Year-Old Boy Dies—Merle Richard Gates, seven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gates of the Beaver Creek neighborhood, died this morning at the Corvallis…

Mount Union Stories: Joel F. Friend (1848-1921)

Published as it appeared on April 1, 1921, in the (Corvallis) Daily Gazette-Times, Page 5, Column 3. Dies at Corvallis Mr. Joel Friend of Philomath passed away Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 at the Corvallis hospital, death following a serious operation…

Mount Union Stories: Maranda Margaret Alford (1859-1906)

Maranda Margaret Alford lived 25 years past her 47th birthday, dying on Sept. 29, 1906. A news item reports diabetes as contributing to her death and her death certificate shows chronic nephritis as the cause.

Mount Union Stories: John W. York (1801-1884)

The Rev. John W. York lived into his 80s and before coming to Oregon in 1852 had lived in Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois. He survived three wives — his last marriage to Pamelia Quinton lasting 34 years until her…

Mount Union Stories: O.M. Frink (1838-1918)

O.M. Frink, who fought with the Minnesota Infantry for three years in the Civil War, moved to Oregon in 1872 and died in June 1918 at the home of his son in Philomath.

Mount Union Stories: Alden B. Abbey (1891-1918)

Alden B. Abbey, who died at age 26 in France of measles and pneumonia while serving with the U.S. Army, Company 6, 116th Engineers, during World War I, is buried at Mount Union Cemetery.


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