Letter: We can count on David Gomberg

Letter to the Editor: Both the Central Coast Chapter and the South Willamette Valley Chapter of the National Organization for Women, NOW, have endorsed the re-election of Rep. David Gomberg.

Brad’s Blog: Thrilled to be tasting chili again

By the end of the afternoon, I’d finally had my fill of chili. But it was a fun journey. The varieties of flavors — some good, and to be honest, some not so good — were available for tasting over…

Scott Moss column: The dregs of Amsterdam

After having been to Rome, Strasbourg, Paris, Marseille and Munich (in that order necessarily not) on my obligatory middle-class caucasian post-bachelor’s-degree-graduation European backpacking trip funded by generous and proud relatives, your correspondent found myself once upon a midday cloudy in…

Letter: Censorship has no place in our community

Letter to the Editor: Regarding the controversy over censorship efforts by an extremist minority in our community, we feel it is important to support the inclusion of LGBTQ works in the Philomath school libraries.


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