Local • Independent • Trusted

Brad Fuqua, publisher and editor of the Philomath News, sits on the steps of the old Philomath College building, which houses the local museum. (Photo by Canda Fuqua)

Those three words appear in the Philomath News logo and represent three very important facets to this operation:

• Local — The Philomath News is not owned by any out-of-state media company, but by Brad Fuqua, a local resident who cares about his community.

• Independent — The Philomath News is not associated with any outside companies or organizations and is not influenced by any particular political parties or other interests with the sole intent of publishing objective, unbiased news.

• Trusted — Brad Fuqua built a reputation in Philomath as a journalist who could be trusted, a characteristic reflected in his reporting. His professional approach to coverage has remained consistent.

Behind the support of the business community through digital advertising and sponsorships, along with the kind contributions of readers through voluntary memberships, the Philomath News hopes to find its way in this modern age of news delivery. Brad Fuqua founded the Philomath News in 2020 with the desire to provide an unparalleled news product to the people of this community. While serving as the editor of the now-closed Philomath Express (2015-20), Brad focused all of his energy on not only reporting, but also on taking care of his readers.

Brad is married to the love of his life, Canda, who also helps with the newspaper in various ways. Brad and Canda have two young children at home — Jude and Jasper. Brad’s oldest son is Brandon, who lives in Corvallis.