To the Editor:

David Gomberg and his wife, Susan, have lived here 35 years and built a world-famous kite business. Very few legislators have small business experience and the know-how to get things done at the State Capitol. Since becoming a legislator, David has prioritized supporting the local business owners who are the backbone of this community. He truly does understand the struggles of owning a small business in a rural area, where the economy can get hit hard at the drop of a hat. We need his experience and expertise to keep the good work going.

He helped expand broadband to the coast and championed increasing access to loans for small businesses from $100,000 to $1 million. When the pandemic threatened our local businesses, he helped bring dollars here to keep those businesses open and alive.

Gomberg also sponsored legislation to reduce taxes on small business, helped create the Office of Small Business Assistance and has fought against the kind of regulations in Salem that hamstring business owners. He doubled funding for Small Business Development Centers that help new businesses and support existing ones.

David works on large projects that help build a strong thriving community but he also makes time to help small businesses that may seem like a drop in the bucket for many state reps. To David, each and every one of us is important. I was talking to someone who has worked directly with David Gomberg. He told me, “Out of all the state reps in Oregon, David is the hardest working and the most committed to helping everyone he represents. I mean it, Lucinda, this guy is the real deal.”

I already knew this, but it was so good to hear from someone who’s worked with him at the capitol. 

Let’s re-elect David Gomberg. We need him now, more than ever!

Lucinda Whitacre
Depoe Bay