To the Editor:

David Gomberg has served District 10 for 10 years. In 2012, he won by 18.4 points. In 2014, he ran unopposed. 2016 brought him a 13-point win. In 2018, he beat out his opponent by 14.5 points. 2020 saw approximately 8,000 additional voters who were concerned enough to vote.

David Gomberg slid into a win by a mere five points! That amounted to just less than 2,000 voters handing him the win. (Source: Ballotpedia).

Our district currently consists of all of Lincoln County, of which leads blue, and parts of Tillamook, Yamhill and Polk counties, which all lead red.

Redistributing will take effect in the upcoming election that shifts our district’s boundaries south to areas that all lead blue.

The numbers show that Gomberg has lost ground in his current district. Would it be a stretch to say he has lost ground with a number of his blue base?

Looking at the numbers, I can believe that a Gomberg win in 2022 is dependent on votes from the new leading blue area.

Why did he lose so many points in the last election? Were/are his current constituents happy with what he has or hasn’t done? Is the direction he has taken truly what we want for Oregon? Will things get better if we send him back to Salem to continue to do the same? Do you want a change of direction from our state government?

Please take voting seriously. In the last election, this race was decided with less than 2,000 votes! Your vote does count!

Joan Weaver