To the Editor:

I like trees. I have been growing forests in Lincoln and Benton counties for more than 40 years. Our forests provide the cleanest water of any other landscape in Oregon-clean water for people, fish, beavers, deer, elk and our oceans. Actively managed forests implementing commercial thinning increase ecological function for our riparian areas, reduce fuel loads making our forests safer from wildfires and produce wood for all of us, including homes built by Habitat for Humanity.

Celeste McEntee, a candidate for House District 10, understands natural resources, forest operational activities and the science behind forestry, watersheds and wildlife management.

Celeste McEntee is an advocate for families that fish recreationally and/or commercially, and for families that hunt together or just like searching for deer and elk sheds as an outdoor activity.

Celeste is also an advocate for farming. She supports responsible animal agriculture. At the Benton County Fair this summer, Celeste was the high bidder at the 4-H Youth Auction for two market pigs. By supporting 4-H youth, she is supporting a great Oregon State youth educational program.

Celeste is a marvelous listener and has been a family business advocate and leader for many years. Celeste gets it and gets it right. Celeste McEntee is the best candidate for Oregon House District 10. She shares my value system and has our family’s full support.

Vote “yes” for Celeste McEntee, Oregon House District 10.

Mark Gourley