Photo by ugurhan/Getty Images via Canva

With the 2022-23 school year approaching, Superintendent of Schools Susan Halliday wants to remind parents about changes with the school lunch program.

The federal aid that had allowed students to eat free school meals during the past few years will no longer be available. Halliday said that in light of the change, the Philomath School District is encouraging families to complete the application process to receive free or reduced-price meals.

To complete the application process online:

Go online to this website.

• Click on “Apply for Meals Today.”

• When asked to enter the district name, use Corvallis School District (Philomath contracts with Corvallis for nutrition services).

• Families can also apply directly through the Oregon Department of Education.

For income-eligibility guidelines, click here. For those not eligible for free or reduced-price meals, check eligibility for the Oregon Extended Income program. Halliday said the program will allow many more families to have access to school meals at no charge.

Families who qualify for Oregon EIG, but do not qualify at the federal level, will receive two separate notifications, Halliday added, asking applicants to be sure to wait for the EIG notification prior to assuming that their family had been denied eligibility.

School meal prices for 2022-23 for breakfast are $2 at the elementary school, $2.25 at the middle school and high school, and $3.50 for adults. Lunch prices are $3 at the elementary school, $3.25 at the middle school, $3.50 at the high school, and $4.50 for adults. Milk-only prices are 60 cents at all schools.