PYAC is now registering youth for T-ball, softball and baseball. (Photo provided by Philomath Youth Activities Club)

The Philomath Youth Activities Club is now registering youngsters for T-ball, softball and baseball. To guarantee a spot, organizers need registration forms by March 14.

The T-ball (coed for youth entering kindergarten and first grade this fall) and Mites (coed, youth currently in first and second grades) seasons begin in late May-early June and end in mid-July. Games are played Monday and Wednesday evenings for T-ball and Tuesday and Thursday evenings for Mites. The cost is $80 per player.

The Minors (boys, third and fourth grades), Juniors (boys, fifth and sixth grades) and Seniors (boys, seventh and eighth grades) play in the Junior Baseball Association’s Valley League with seasons that run from May through mid-July. Games are played evenings with limited travel across the Willamette Valley. The cost is $120 per player for Minors and Juniors, and $130 for Seniors.

Softball teams compete in a league with other towns are organized into teams for girls currently in the third and fourth grades, fifth and sixth grades, and seventh and eighth grades. Games are played on weekday evenings from mid-May through mid-July across the Willamette Valley.

Softball costs are $120 for third and fourth grades, $130 for fifth and sixth grades and $150 for seventh and eighth grades.

Baseball players in the Minors, Juniors and Seniors will be placed on teams based on skill level. Team placement clinics will be held at Philomath High School at 6:30 p.m. March 20 for minors, 6:30 p.m. March 22 for juniors and 7:30 p.m. March 22 for seniors. A softball team placement clinic for girls in third through eighth grades will be held on a date to be determined on an as-needed basis.

For information and registration forms, go online to PYAC’s website at For those with questions, call 541-929-4040.