Ella Kelley
Senior Ella Kelley loves performing hip-hop with her Shining Stars teammates. (Photo courtesy of Ella Kelley and published on OSAAtoday.org)

OSAAtoday’s “Senior Spotlight,” a miniseries that takes a look at Class of 2022 dance standouts, featured in its most recent installment Philomath dancer Ella Kelley, a Shining Stars team captain. Danielle Schneider of OSAAtoday is the author.

OSAAtoday: What part of the dance team season is your favorite and why?

Kelley: “I really enjoy all the long practices that occur during state season, which may sound weird but it’s rewarding to know how hard you and your team are working towards one goal. Long practices are also a great way to bond and there’s always a bunch of fun and laughter involved. The long practices are where you really get to see your team grow as well as improve on one specific dance.”

OSAAtoday: If you could create a routine to any song, what would it be? And why?

Kelley: “It would have to be “Vienna” by Billy Joel. The song has such an impactful message that I personally resonate with. I danced once to this song back in fifth grade, and I still remember parts of it. That dance truly made me fall in love with what dance is. I felt empowered conveying the meaning of that song to an audience. I would love to come back to that song and create a routine to make fifth grade me proud.”

OSAAtoday: What style of dance do you most enjoy performing?

Kelley: “I love performing Hip Hop. I think anybody can really enjoy it; you don’t even have to understand dance. Hip Hop is so fun to do, and you always get really good crowd reactions.”

OSAAtoday: What’s next for you after graduation? Will you pursue dance after high school?

Kelley: “I plan on going to college to pursue a career in therapy. I would love to keep dancing after high school, maybe joining a college team or even teaching classes to younger generations.”