Dax delivery robot
A Dax robot picks up a food delivery at a local restaurant. (File photo by Brad Fuqua/Philomath News)

Dax, the little Philomath-born delivery robot that can do big things, is getting quite a lot of attention these days. In a recent article (sponsored content) that appeared on Benzinga, a Detroit-based investment information website, Dax appears under the headline, “This company believes its multifunctional urban robot will serve humanity.

From the story, “Dax was designed to interact with humans as a ‘who,’ not a ‘what,’ communicating with people on the same level as dogs and other pets. The robot can help business owners easily make deliveries while maintaining a charming interaction with customers. Dax can even make dance moves to entertain customers and operators.”

However, I think my favorite part is the following excerpt — yeah, it mentions my son’s name:

“The city of Philomath, Oregon, was the first to allow Dax to use its sidewalks back in 2017, giving the robot permission to make deliveries and drive autonomously around the area. Since then Dax seems to have been adopted into the community, doing things like his surprise visit on Nov. 11th to the Roots Early Learning Center in Philomath to deliver donuts for Jude’s birthday, one of the students at the preschool.”

Yes, the folks that put together this content obviously did some searching on the internet and discovered the Roots Early Learning Center video of Dax visiting the kids (or were alerted to the video by the sponsored content partners). I had asked Dax back in November if he would bring donuts to the preschool kids.

Here are a few other recent posts that I’ve come across on Dax:

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(Brad Fuqua is publisher/editor of the Philomath News. He can be reached at News@PhilomathNews.com).