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To the Editor:

Did that headline get your attention?  If so, you will be interested to know that those words were taken directly from the pages of the reports from the city’s consultant, ECONorthwest, which will be discussed on Monday, Jan. 25, at 7 p.m. All of the information is provided on the city website (www.ci.philomath.or.us); just click on “Public Hearing on Comprehensive Plan Update Analysis Reports Jan. 25” which is provided on the home page.

Are you wondering why it’s important for you to attend? Because you are local input and your participation is very important for the direction of Philomath. I was on the Planning Action Committee (PAC), and, in my opinion, the input we provided to ECONorthwest was minimal, sometimes due to time constraints or low attendance by the committee members.

The PAC was assured that the public would have ample opportunity to give input, and as the ECONorthwest project director stated, “The policy recommendations really have to be based on local input to be effective.”

If you didn’t already know about this meeting, aren’t you glad we have PhilomathNews.com? Our city website is great, but I’m so grateful that, once again, we have a local news outlet that will help get important information out to the community!

Peggy Yoder