Artwork by Getty Images via Canva

To the Editor:

In 2016, Oregonians voted overwhelmingly to dedicate new, additional funding for veterans. But when the Legislature convened in 2017, Gov. Brown’s budget instead reduced support to the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs by $10 million.

That proposal went to the committee chaired by our Rep. David Gomberg. He overruled the governor, put the budget back together and fully funded the department. When the motion was made, a hearing room filled with men and women in uniform stood up and applauded.

David Gomberg has always stood up for veterans, working to provide housing, health care, jobs or counseling. He goes to the Stand Down events to see the problems firsthand and he sponsors bills to place signs on our highways remembering local soldiers lost in the line of duty. Two of those signs are just outside Toledo. He also serves on a commission working to place a Viet Nam War Memorial on the state capitol grounds.

Gomberg has always been there for veterans and we should be there for him in November. I’ll proudly be voting to re-elect our Rep. David Gomberg.

Roger Robertson
Lincoln City