To the Editor:

As a lifelong Oregonian, I love this state, its people, the hard-working communities, its majestic beauty and the opportunities that this diverse state has to offer. On the other hand, the challenges we have faced over the last decade with the growing issues with homelessness, litter, drugs, crime, the mental health crisis, burning of our forests and cost of living have been heartbreaking to see.

Empty storefronts, uncompetitive regulations and taxes, nonsupported public and private systems and nonuniting politicians pitting the population against each other have also become more evident, making many to lose hope in Oregon being a place they are proud to call home.

This November, it is time for us all to remember who we are and the need to put away our anger, division, pride and fear for this great state.

As Oregonians, we must search deep down to ask ourselves if we just keep doubling down in the same direction, can we really expect to get different results? Or is it time for a paradigm shift? I am supporting Celeste McEntee for state representative as she will help usher in a vibrant new energy and direction to Salem.

Celeste has the experience we need and a sincere deep love for Oregon and its people. You and your vote matter. Thank you to all who are running for office; your tireless hard work is greatly appreciated. 

Nicholas Dahl