Artwork by Getty Images via Canva

To the Editor:

I have lived in Philomath for 50 years. I am 100% disabled due to my three years in Vietnam and I can no longer run. I ran in high school, college and the Marine Corps (until I became a sniper). When I returned home I started working for George Shroyer Logging Co. and spent 30 years in the woods.

I was not surprised at the damage done by the windstorm because I had run the cross-country course many times before my wounds prevented me from running. I often wondered why all those trees were planted there. The ground is not good for fir and the existing trees needed to be thinned badly — if it had been thinned you would still have your little group of trees to make a course through.

My suggestion is to quit crying and work on the future. I am p-oded at the superintendent and School Board for allowing what took place — this was something that could have been avoided. When the superintendent was told it would be revenue positive, I really doubt she looked any further. I’m guessing she said do what you think is best and let Miller do what will make them the most money and, of course, for the school.

Now I don’t know what took place, who said what and when, and I doubt if anyone will come forward or really examine this farce. The coach has every right to be upset and I wish it was the football field that was stripped down and hauled away. I would take bets, dollar to dime, that the superintendent would be run out of town.

I’ll close and see what happens but I will pray for all those involved because the power of prayer and forgiveness will prevail no matter who’s right or wrong.

John Shackelton