Artwork by Getty Images via Canva

Democratic senators do need to set aside bills Republicans consider too partisan, including House Bill 2002, which expands abortion rights and access to transgender care, and House Bill 2005, which raises the minimum age to purchase most firearms from 18 to 21 years.

House Bill 2002 expands the bill to read that the age of children who can get an abortion without parent knowledge can be as young as age 10. Yes you read that right … age 10. It also does the same with transgender care. A child as young as age 10 would be able to request gender-altering care from “responsible adults” other than their parents and HB 2002 would make it illegal for the parents to be told anything unless the child signed a release allowing it. It is an anti-family law that the Republicans can only stop by walking out. 

As far as HB 2005, how do you feel about your country asking your adult son or daughter to train for war, but that same can’t buy a gun in his own state? How can that be constitutional?

Let’s talk about the money. First of all, the 13 senators that will not go to session and allow these bills to be passed, are in fact doing their jobs that Republicans voted them in to do. But take that further, how much will the state spend in legal fees if HB 2005 somehow managed to pass? How much will Democrats spend trying to defend themselves against the illegalities that are coming to light?

Republican senators are willing to go to session, but only for the bills that Oregon actually needs and to settle the budget. It is actually the Democrats who are stopping bills that are important to Oregon from passing by holding them hostage behind these extreme partisan bills.

Joan Weaver