Kalapuya Building
Benton County's Kalapuya Building at 4500 SW Research Way in west Corvallis. (File photo by Canda Fuqua/Philomath News)

The Benton County Assessor’s Office, Records & Elections Department and the Benton County Board of Commissioners’ Office all recently relocated to the Kalapuya Building, which is located at 4500 SW Research Way in Corvallis.

The Assessor’s Office reopened for in-person services on Jan. 18. The Records & Elections Department moved from the historic Courthouse in downtown Corvallis and reopened for in-person services on Jan. 25. Both of those offices are located on the building’s second floor.

The commissioners left their downtown Corvallis location on Fifth Street and reopened to in-person services on Jan. 31 on the building’s first floor in the main lobby.

The relocation moves those services closer to Philomath residents. The distance from Philomath City Hall to the Kalapuya Building is 3.7 miles.

With the exception of the new physical address, contact information for those three entities, including phone numbers and email addresses, remain unchanged.

The first three department moves complete Phase I renovations of the Kalapuya Building, which began in June 2021, the county reported. Phase II construction is on track to be completed in June. Upon completion, the Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Community Development and Environmental Health departments are scheduled to move into the Kalapuya Building.

In December 2019, County Administrator Joe Kerby first proposed the acquisition of a facility in Corvallis to co-locate county public services, and in January 2020, the Board of Commissioners approved the purchase of the 4500 Research Way building, which has since been renamed the Kalapuya Building.

“The relocation of county departments begins to address initial reasons for the county’s purchase that included addressing critical space needs and the centralizing of customer services in a convenient and accessible location,” county officials said in a press release. “The Kalapuya Building will also provide improved community member access and service to the public; it is located within a quarter mile of the county’s Sunset Building, and the physical size of the facility advances the county’s vision of a one-stop-shop customer service center.”