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Sweet Home has been among the Oregon West Conference schools taking an aggressive approach to getting their students some competition.

The baseball and softball teams played some games against other schools and Sweet Home wrestlers competed in out-of-state tournaments. Husky soccer teams were masking up and have also seen action.

One of the most interesting developments could be seen with the school’s volleyball program. The team wasn’t allowed to hold matches in the gymnasium so they moved outside and played on Husky Field, which is artificial turf. The Huskies hosted a volleyball jamboree on Nov. 9.

The Sweet Home New Era newspaper has been reporting on the activities of its hometown school and provided coverage of some of the games that materialized. There appeared to be at least one hiccup when Session 1 was halted on Oct. 22 after an athlete developed “a presumptive case of COVID-19,” the paper reported.

Athletics resumed after a 10-day break with the beginning of Session 2.