Artwork showing 4-H logo, college graduation

The Benton County 4-H scholarship program announced 2021 awards and three Philomath High School seniors were among the recipients.

Carly Dowless, Eli McLennan and Lily Schell each won both the Steve Moos Scholarship and the Decker Scholarship. In all, 11 scholarship winners were announced. The students are graduating Benton County 4-H members and “have participated in strong club and county leadership, community service and project work.”

The Gordon and Beatrice Decker Charitable Trust scholarship provides $1,000.

Anna Reistad was a fourth winner of the Decker award and she also won the Bateman Scholarship. The Hitchcock Scholarship went to Ashley Sutton, Rachel Vorster and Carolyn Wilfong.

The Steven B. Moos Scholarship Fund awards $4,000 over four years of college and goes to youth participating in sheep, swine, beef or dairy cattle projects. Each year, a 4-H club raises a donation animal to be auctioned off in the Lee Allen Memorial Youth Livestock Auction with proceeds to benefit the Steve Moos Scholarship. This year, the Prime Cuts 4-H Club is raising the donation animal.

The Decker, Hitchcock and Bateman scholarships are awarded to youth in any project area. 

Winners of the Benton County 4-H Horse Project Leaders Scholarship, Kathy Wells Memorial Scholarship and the Bob Damon Memorial Scholarship have not yet been announced.