Blodgett School (Photo by Philomath School District)

The Philomath School Board’s annual retreat work session this year will include a vote on approval of a proposed collective bargaining agreement with the local teachers’ union. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at Blodgett Elementary School.

The Philomath Education Association and the Philomath School District have been involved in contract negotiations over the past few months and resumed those talks last month after stepping away for a summer break. The union planned to take a vote on ratification in late August and the School Board’s chair wanted more time to read through the document in full before taking a vote.

The agreement would run retroactively from July 1 through June 2025.

The agenda also includes a vote on a consent agenda that includes personnel and staffing adjustments, including the hiring of elementary school teacher Will Bean and middle school success coach Mitch Gross.

Board members will then spend the rest of the meeting talking about typical retreat topics, such as their calendar, goals, roles and responsibilities, operational details, engagement and communication and meeting protocols.