Corvallis Police respond Friday to a suicidal person on the Van Buren Bridge. (Photo by Corvallis Police Department)


Corvallis Police reported that the situation was resolved and the woman was safe.

A suicidal woman climbed the Van Buren Bridge Friday morning and the situation remained unresolved after several hours, the Corvallis Police Department reported.

Corvallis Police responded at 9:27 a.m. to a report of the situation and found that the woman had climbed up the steel girders to the top of the bridge. In response, officers said they blocked the bridge for the safety of the woman and motorists.

Police enlisted assistance from Benton County Behavioral Health to talk to the woman. Benton County Sheriff’s Office marine patrol was also positioned in case the woman jumped into the water below. The Oregon Department of Transportation assisted with traffic control.

As of 3 p.m., police said the situation had stabilized but not fully resolved.

“The woman remains on the bridge, but is in a location where she is not in any danger from passing traffic,” CPD said in a press release. “As a result, the Van Buren Bridge has been reopened for vehicular traffic. Law enforcement and mental health professionals remain on scene, however, and may need to quickly stop traffic should the situation change.”

Police added that they appreciated the patience of the community while the bridge was closed and ask that motorists using the bridge Friday afternoon and evening to use an extra measure of caution as officials continue to work to resolve the situation.