Cody Aichele is supervisor of the new pharmacy located in the Samaritan Athletic Medicine Center on 30th Street in Corvallis. (Photo provided by Samaritan Health Services)

A new retail pharmacy is now operating on the Oregon State University campus, Samaritan Medical Services announced.

Located in the Samaritan Athletic Medicine Center, the addition represents the first of three new pharmacies planned for Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties within the next year to help alleviate a shortage created through several closures.

“We are very excited for this opportunity at OSU,” Cody Aichele, supervisor of the new pharmacy, said through a press release. “There’s a big void that we can fill here. I am so excited that Samaritan can jump in and do that for our community.”

Aichele previously worked at the OSU pharmacy, which was operated by OSU College of Pharmacy and closed in 2020.

In addition to filling prescriptions, Samaritan Pharmacy services include vaccinations, medication therapy management, sharps disposal and drug take-back bins. Pharmacists are able to prescribe birth control, naloxone, Paxlovid and emergency insulin refills.

The pharmacies also offer translation services for prescription labels, medication guides and medication counseling.

Samaritan has a medication assistance program in place for patients who have trouble affording medications. The pharmacy will also offer free prescription mailing.

The Samaritan Athletic Medicine Center is located at 845 SW 30th St., in Corvallis.