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Temperatures have moderated in many areas of the state. However, drought and low water levels persist and we can expect water temperatures to spike again later in the summer. Here’s what you should know about fishing in these conditions:

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife has adopted emergency regulations for some water bodies. These include closing fishing during the hottest part of the day, and lifting bag limits for lakes and ponds that are likely to go dry. See the Regulation updates at the top of each zone in the Rec Report for the latest.

Conditions are right for blue-green algae outbreaks in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. You can find the latest alerts on the Oregon Health Authority website. However, OHA does not monitor all water bodies, so be leery of any algae blooms you see, and follow these precautions to fish safely.

Hot water can stress fish out. Anglers can give fish a break by following these tips when fishing in warm summer water.

Access may be limited by wildfires. To help you navigate the status of popular recreation sites, natural resource management agencies in Oregon have released an interagency status map that shows open, closed and reduced service areas on a single map, regardless of reason for closure.

Register for shotgun skills, pheasant hunting workshops

Shotgun skills classes and adult pheasant hunting workshops are filling quickly. In these hands-on events you’ll learn to safely handle and shoot a shotgun, and participate in an actual pheasant hunt. A shotgun skills class is a prerequisite to a pheasant hunting workshop. See more details and register.

Sign up for a youth pheasant hunt

Youth Pheasant Hunts give young hunters a chance to hunt in a controlled setting with a focus on safety and success. Here are five reasons they’re so popular:

• No adult competition. Youth hunts happen before the official pheasant season begins.

• Emphasis on safety. A review of safety procedures, controlled access and a defined hunting area characterize many of the hunts.

• Increased chance of success. ODFW releases pen-raised pheasants for each hunt, because early success can help build lifetime hunters.

• Available statewide. There are hunt locations from Ontario to the Willamette Valley to the Rogue.

• They’re free!

Learn more about where to hunt and how to register.