Melia Morton
PHS senior Melia Morton, seen here on the winning 200 freestyle relay, individually won the 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke vs. Salem Academy on Tuesday. (Photo by Logan Hannigan-Downs/Philomath News)

The Philomath High School swim teams pulled off a sweep Tuesday over Salem Academy with wins of 93-51 for the girls and 67-66 for the boys.

The girls won seven of the 11 races and also racked up points with several seconds and thirds while Salem Academy failed to enter swimmers in three individual events.


Individually, senior Melia Morton won two events with first in both the 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke. Interestingly, she won both races by 0.37 of a second with a time of 29.35 in the 50 free and 1:22.38 in the 100 breaststroke.

Sophomore Emma Holden won the 200 freestyle in 2:51.41. Senior Audrey Davis swam a 6:33.81 to win the 500 freestyle. Junior Ophelia Katsikis was the 100 backstroke winner in 1:26.09.

In the relays, the girls’ 200 freestyle had a winning effort with Morton, senior Ruth Cropp, sophomore Allison Neelands and Davis coming in with a time of 2:03.50. The 400 freestyle relay also won with junior Kaeleigh Houchin, Cropp, Katsikis and Neelands finishing in 5:18.38.

Carrson Hirte
Philomath sophomore Carrson Hirte won both the 50 free and 500 free against Salem Academy. He also swam a leg on the winning 200 freestyle relay. (Photo by Logan Hannigan-Downs/Philomath News)

For the boys, sophomore Carrson Hirte was a double-winner while showing his skill range with victories in the 50 freestyle and 500 freestyle. In the sprint, he won in 25.94 seconds, over a second faster than the runner-up. Hirte swam unopposed in the 500 free.

Senior Eli McLennan won the 100 backstroke comfortably in 1:05.44. Sophomore Kellen Houchin took first in the 100 breaststroke in 1:17.94. Sophomore Micah Matthews swam alone in the 200 freestyle and came in with a time of 2:57.97.

The boys took first in the 200 freestyle relay with senior Caleb Matthews, Houchin, Hirte and McLennan each swimming legs. They came in with a time of 1:47.75.

Overall, the boys won six of the 11 races in a close contest with the opponent.

Philomath is scheduled to participate in a virtual meet on Friday against Lebanon.

Philomath-Salem Academy Dual
Tuesday, May 25, at Clemens Community Pool, Philomath HS

Team Scoring
Philomath 67, Salem Academy 66
Winners & PHS Results
200 Medley Relay
1. Salem Academy (Cody Manning, Tyler Palanuk, Austyn Shelton, Connor Benson), 2:00.81
2. Philomath (Eli McLennan, Caleb Matthews, Carrson Hirte, Micah Matthews), 2:01.43
200 Freestyle
1. Micah Matthews, Philomath, 2:57.97
200 Individual Medley
1. Austyn Shelton, Salem Academy, 2:14.25
2. Eli McLennan, Philomath, 2:32.32
3. Kellen Houchin, Philomath, 2:43.25
50 Freestyle
1. Carrson Hirte, Philomath, 25.94
6. Marshall Morrison, Philomath, 35.84
100 Butterfly
1. Austyn Shelton, Salem Academy, 54.13
2. Braedon Littrell, Philomath, 1:33.82
100 Freestyle
1. Connor Benson, Salem Academy, 1:00.97
2. Caleb Matthews, Philomath, 1:03.06
7. Micah Matthews, Philomath, 1:12.94
9. Marshall Morrison, Philomath, 1:25.50
500 Freestyle
1. Carrson Hirte, Philomath, 6:01.44
200 Freestyle Relay
1. Philomath (Caleb Matthews, Kellen Houchin, Carrson Hirte, Eli McLennan), 1:47.75
100 Backstroke
1. Eli McLennan, Philomath, 1:05.44
4. Braedon Littrell, Philomath, 1:29.38
100 Breaststroke
1. Kellen Houchin, Philomath, 1:17.94
2. Caleb Matthews, Philomath, 1:20.69
400 Freestyle Relay
1. Salem Academy (Connor Benson, Baylor York, Cody Manning, Austyn Shelton), 4:10.78
2. Philomath (Micah Matthews, Marshall Morrison, Braedon Littrell, Kellen Houchin), 4:59.53
Team Scoring
Philomath 93, Salem Academy 51
Winners & PHS Results
200 Medley Relay
1. Salem Academy (Hannah Warde, Haley Krieger, Raquel Druery, Natalie McMullen), 2:12.84
2. Philomath (Ophelia Katsikis, Melia Morton, Audrey Davis, Allison Neelands), 2:25.84
3. Philomath B (Phoebe Coen, Kaeleigh Houchin, Grace Bennett, Katherine Holden), 2:57.16
200 Freestyle
1. Emma Holden, Philomath, 2:51.41
2. Ruth Cropp, Philomath, 2:53.94
3. Ophelia Katsikis, Philomath, 3:07.63
200 Individual Medley
1. Raquel Druery, Salem Academy, 2:42.44
2. Audrey Davis, Philomath, 2:48.84
3. Kaeleigh Houchin, Philomath, 3:26.16
50 Freestyle
1. Melia Morton, Philomath, 29.35
3. Allison Neelands, Philomath, 30.72
6. Emery Boutilier, Philomath, 38.65
7. Madison Juhl, Philomath, 38.72
100 Butterfly
1. Raquel Druery, Salem Academy, 1:13.03
2. Grace Bennett, Philomath, 1:45.33
3. Katherine Holden, Philomath, 1:46.63
100 Freestyle
1. Haley Krieger, Salem Academy, 1:06.44
4. Ruth Cropp, Philomath, 1:16.28
5. Kaeleigh Houchin, Philomath, 1:18.19
8. Phoebe Coen, Philomath, 1:35.81
500 Freestyle
1. Audrey Davis, Philomath, 6:33.81
2. Emma Holden, Philomath, 7:55.47
200 Freestyle Relay
1. Philomath (Melia Morton, Ruth Cropp, Allison Neelands, Audrey Davis), 2:03.50
3. Philomath B (Katherine Holden, Madison Juhl, Emery Boutilier, Grace Bennett), 2:26.41
100 Backstroke
1. Ophelia Katsikis, Philomath, 1:26.09
2. Phoebe Coen, Philomath, 2:16.04
100 Breaststroke
1. Melia Morton, Philomath, 1:22.38
400 Freestyle Relay
1. Philomath (Kaeleigh Houchin, Ruth Cropp, Ophelia Katsikis, Allison Neelands), 5:18.38
2. Philomath B (Phoebe Coen, Grace Bennett, Madison Juhl, Emma Holden), 5:52.68

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