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The city of Philomath’s annual Water System Consumer Confidence Report is now available for the public to read, Public Works Director Kevin Fear announced.

The report informs the public about drinking water, including where it comes from, how it is treated and any contaminants found. In 2021, Philomath’s drinking water met or surpassed all public health requirements, the city reported. There are more than 120 drinking water quality standards set by the Oregon Department of Human Services and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The report can be viewed online at this link on the city’s website. Printed copies of the report are available at City Hall, Philomath Public Works, Philomath Police Department or Philomath Community Library. Or, citizens can request one by calling 541-929-3579.

The Philomath water treatment plant and its operators achieved the “Outstanding Performer” designation from the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division.

According to the report, Philomath produced 196.2 million gallons of drinking water in 2021 through three sources. Approximately 93% came from the treatment plant with water out of the Marys River. The plant produced an annual average of just over 500,000 thousand gallons each day.

The city’s 11th Street well’s production accounted for less than .01% and use of the Philomath-Corvallis Rock Creek intertie was roughly 7%. City officials said usage from the well and intertie depends on the time of year, customer demand and maintenance requirements.

After reading the report, citizens with questions can call Public Works at 541-929-3579.