Kateri Pindell
PHS freshman Kateri Pindell, seen here two weeks ago at Eugene, placed sixth overall at Saturday's CG Bramble Scramble. (File photo by Logan Hannigan-Downs/Philomath News)

The Philomath High School boys and girls cross-country squads both won team titles at Saturday’s CG Bramble Scramble at Cottage Grove.

The boys won by a 10-point margin over the host school while the girls dominated with a 38-point win over runner-up South Eugene.

“It was a low-key affair with six complete programs and a few individuals from schools with incomplete teams,” PHS coach Joe Fulton said. “The course was difficult, so the times were relatively slow … I have no problem with that. Some programs just search for fast, flat courses. I like our runners to occasionally be challenged by the terrain.

“Besides, as I always tell our runners, times are not important, winning is,” he added. “And we did win.”

Adele Beckstead added another victory to her freshman season with a time of 21:08. Junior Ingrid Hellesto was second in 21:52 with a strong finish. Teammates Kateri Pindell, a freshman, and Kaeleigh Houchin, a senior, battled down the stretch to finish sixth and seventh, respectively. Pindell finished in 22:49 and Houchin in 22:51.

Others running varsity included freshman Hanna McDaniel (12th, 24:48), senior Audrey Gerding (13th, 24:48) and sophomore Alexa Eckhold (15th, 25:22).

Juniors Brody Bushnell and Mateo Candanoza, both getting over recent illness, paced one another to help the PHS boys to the team title. Both came in with official times of 18:18 with Bushnell awarded second and Candanoza third. Junior Ben Hernandez placed seventh in 18:49 and junior Jesse Erickson finished eighth in 19:11. Senior Mark Grimmer was Philomath’s fifth runner with a 12th place in 20:07.

The varsity was missing freshman Warwick Bushnell (football injury) and Micah Matthews (illness).

La Pine junior Wyatt Montgomery was the individual winner in 18:05.

Warriors senior Mark Grimmer, seen here at the Eugene meet earlier this season, finished 12th at Cottage Grove. (File photo by Logan Hannigan-Downs/Philomath News)

At the junior varsity level, Philomath’s girls took nine of the top 10 positions with freshman Hallie Morrison winning in 23:53 and freshman Kyah Weeber second at 24:54. The Warriors had a perfect team score of 15.

JJ Lewis won the JV boys race and the team finished runner-up to Cottage Grove.

Philomath will head to the Lake Woahink Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 2, and Honeyman State Park near Florence. Marist Catholic, Siuslaw, several 5A and 6A teams and the top 3A team in the state are all scheduled to compete, Fulton said.

The meet begins at 11:45 a.m. with the JV races. The varsity boys race is scheduled for a 1:15 p.m. start with the varsity girls to follow at 1:45 p.m.

In two weeks on Oct. 9, Philomath will host the Paul Mariman Invitational.

CG Bramble Scramble
Saturday, Sept. 25 at Cottage Grove HS


Team Scoring
1, Philomath 27; 2, Cottage Grove 37; 3, North Eugene 90; 4, South Eugene 98; 5, Jefferson 125; 6, Junction City 137.
Top 10 Individuals
1. Wyatt Montgomery, La Pine, 18:05
2. Brody Bushnell, Philomath, 18:18
3. Mateo Candanoza, Philomath, 18:18
4. Jaden Owens, Cottage Grove, 18:26
5. Ethan Petersen, Cottage Grove, 18:27
6. Carter Bengtson, Cottage Grove, 18:32
7. Ben Hernandez, Philomath, 18:49
8. Jesse Erickson, Philomath, 19:11
9. Austin Gottfried, North Eugene, 19:23
10. Sayer Pescosolido, North Eugene, 19:49
PHS Results
2. Brody Bushnell, 18:18
3. Mateo Candanoza, 18:18
7. Ben Hernandez, 18:49
8. Jesse Erickson, 19:11
12. Mark Grimmer, 20:07
Note: 45 runners competed in the varsity boys race.


Team Scoring
1, Philomath 24; 2, South Eugene 72; 3, Cottage Grove 81; 4, North Eugene 86; 5, Junction City 92.
Top 10 Individuals
1. Adele Beckstead, Philomath, 21:08
2. Ingrid Hellesto, Philomath, 21:52
3. Libby Fox, Junction City, 21:57
4. Alyssa Johnson, Elmira, 22:24
5. Artana Nice, North Eugene, 22:30
6. Kateri Pindell, Philomath, 22:49
7. Kaeleigh Houchin, Philomath, 22:51
8. Jailyn Becerra-Brigido, North Eugene, 23:35
9. Lily Heidtke, South Eugene, 23:52
10. Piper Youngmayr, Cottage Grove, 24:23
PHS Results
1. Adele Beckstead, 21:08
2. Ingrid Hellesto, 21:52
6. Kateri Pindell, 22:49
7. Kaeleigh Houchin, 22:51
12. Hanna McDaniel, 24:48
13. Audrey Gerding, 24:48
15. Alexa Eckhold, 25:22
Note: 35 runners competed in the varsity girls race.


Team Scoring
1, Cottage Grove 39; 2, Philomath 56; 3, South Eugene 57; 4, North Eugene 60.
PHS Results
1. JJ Lewis, 20:57
6. Bryan Thomas, 22:46
8. Emmitt Gaskey, 22:56
21. Aidan Bruce, 24:41
22. Tyler Moade, 24:56
24. Andrew Leonard, 25:26
28. Maxwell Carter, 26:22
38. Seth Wood, 31:13
Note: 43 runners competed in the JV boys race.


Team Scoring
1, Philomath 15.
PHS Results
1. Hallie Morrison, 23:53
2. Kyah Weeber, 24:54
3. Brooke McDaniel, 25:06
4. Janice Hellesto, 25:38
5. Phoebe Coen, 25:50
6. Averie Wilson, 26:42
8. Allison Neelands, 27:23
9. Emery Boutilier, 28:07
10. Petra Hernandez, 29:18
12. Ally Todd, 30:14
Note: 21 runners competed in the JV girls race.

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