Don’t you just love autumn in the Willamette Valley? We are beginning to feel it here in Philomath: oak leaves are turning brown, maples are hinting at yellow—even the evening breeze is starting to feel chilly.

As the cool, misty days approach, consider curling up with a warm cup of apple cider (or maybe a mug of coffee with a dash of pumpkin spice,) and read what your local social service agency has been up to:

New Hours!

First of all, we are expanding our hours. Come by on the last Saturday of each month from 12:30 to 3:30 PM. Three of our five programs will be open. You’re invited to visit our Food Bank, Gleaners, and JKK programs. Please note that holiday weekends are not included.

Covering the Bases

We had fun reaching our neighbors in many different ways this past summer! For example, we enjoyed seeing you at a Corvallis Knight’s game (left,) at the Philomath Elementary School orientation (middle,) and even Cycle Oregon (right,) where we hosted a rest stop. We truly are one big community!

Quick Reminder on Produce Donations

Until further notice, Due to health concerns, the Food Bank and Gleaners programs are no longer accepting drop-off produce donations at PCS.

Thank You, Barbara

Two decades of service! We wanted to highlight one of our truly exceptional volunteers. Barbara, one of our long-time Food Bank volunteers, retired this past summer from PCS.

Again and again, thank you, Barb, for your helpful, consistent, and valuable support. Philomath Community Services is made possible by volunteers like you!

Fun fact: Barbara also received a Samaritan Award for PCS Volunteer of the Year in 2020.

Thanks, Co-op Owners!

We had the pleasant surprise of being selected by First Alternative Co-op owners as this year’s Owner Patronage Dividends fund recipient.

The Co-op is owned by its shoppers, and each year, owners may choose to donate their company dividends to a group of the Co-op Board’s choosing. They chose PCS in an effort to fortify and serve our community. What a treat!

We’re Grateful for Philomath Rental

Without Philomath Rental’s generosity in donating the use of their forklift for our Gleaners program, we would not have been able to receive larger donations this summer.

… And So Many others! (we can’t list everything)

There are countless little acts of kindness and small donations that make PCS what it is. Thanks, neighbors!

Grand Parade

Thanks for coming out to the Philomath Frolic & Rodeo Grand Parade! If you saw the procession, you might have noticed the PCS van. We like showing it off. It is the result of many donors and volunteers coming together, pooling resources, and working hard to secure the asset. It takes a village! 

A Day in the Garden

“There is nothing like picking fresh vegetables.” Meet some of our wonderful volunteers in our most-recent video. This past summer, we enjoyed a Day in the Garden and took some footage. The sun was shining, bees were buzzing, and many hands were at work!

Newsletter Signup

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A Day at the Market

Remember to get outside and enjoy the crisp beginning of autumn! The Philomath Farmers’ Market is open through October 16th. We had the opportunity to host a table at the market and had fun seeing our neighbors. Philomath may not have a grocery store, but it is so encouraging to see folks making the most of fresh, healthy food while supporting local farmers.

Getting Kids Ready for School with Shoes and Backpacks

Remember that feeling of nervous excitement, getting ready to return to school? At June’s Kids Kloset, since August 2, we’ve given away nearly 150 shoe vouchers for $25 each for school children, thanks to a grant from the Autzen Foundation.  We’ve also been able to offer some new backpacks as well.

Holiday Cheer Applications Due Soon!

October 31, 2022 is the deadline for Holiday Cheer applications. More info on the Holiday Cheer gift distribution program here.

PCS Online

PCS may be found online at Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Nextdoor. What is your preferred online platform? You are invited to contact us and let us know where we can reach you online.

Concluding Thought

As prices and division rise, know that we are here for you. Our moto is people helping people. In a nutshell, Philomath Community Services is just that: people helping people. Our work is made possible by generous volunteers and donors, and we welcome your support.

Thank you for reading!