Nick Walker in a scene from “Black Friday: The Series.” (Photo by Revelation Pictures)

A Philomath-based film group’s eight-episode miniseries entitled “Black Friday: The Series” is available for free viewing online through YouTube, the project’s director Peter Wickliffe of Revelation Pictures announced.

The final episode is scheduled to premiere on Friday, Dec. 23. (View the first episode here). The miniseries actually features nine episodes — Chapter VII is split into two parts.

“It was made independently and was based off of the stage play of the same name that premiered in Medford in 2013,” Wickliffe said. “We used Oregon-based actors, most of the same ones from the stage production.” describes the miniseries as following “the staff of Grave’s Department Store as they navigate Black Friday and the Christmas season. This uproarious comedy series reminds us to laugh and hold moments dear to us.”

Episode 1: Chapter 1 — “All Hands on Deck”
Episode 2: Chapter 2 — “Preparations”
Episode 3: Chapter 3 — “Differences”
Episode 4: Chapter 4 — “The Final Countdown”
Episode 5: Chapter 5 — “Black Friday”
Episode 6: Chapter 6 — “Aftermath”
Episode 7a: Chapter 7, Part 1 — “Christmas Eve”
Episode 7b: Chapter 7, Part 2 — “Christmas Eve
Episode 8: Chapter 8 — Series finale premieres Dec. 23

Wickliffe said Revelation Pictures filmed the holiday in Southern Oregon.

“We just wanted to make something fun for the holidays and share it with people,” Wickliffe said. “It was originally going to just be a film, but because some of our actors had conflicts in their schedules, we made it into a miniseries instead.”

The cast features Nick Walker, Brianna Gowland, Geoff Ridden, Pam Ward, Chris Perme, Nat Dalbec and Max Gutfreund.