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Oregon State University (Photo by Theresa Hogue)

Oregon State University released this week the names of students who made the Scholastic Honor Roll for the completed fall term. The list includes 31 students that in OSU records show Philomath as their hometown.

To be included on the honor roll, students must earn a B-plus (3.5) or better average and carry at least 12 graded hours of coursework. Following are names of Philomath students earning inclusion, including their class and area of study.

• Ruby A. Ackermann, Sophomore, Public Health

• Brooke F. Aduviri, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

• Lucas S. Ainsworth, Freshman, Sociology

• Bryan P. Caples, Freshman, General Engineering

• Madeline M. Coe, Freshman, Chemistry

• Breeana C. Couture, Junior, BioHealth Sciences

• Sawyer G. Culbertson, Junior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality

• Sean W. Cummings, Freshman, General Engineering

• Jensen S. Davis, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

• Justin M. Enghauser, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies

• Kyle R. Escamilla, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering

• Elliot S. Foley, Sophomore, Computer Science

• Elise L. Graham, Junior, Psychology

• Bailey J. Gurski, Junior, Human Development and Family Science

• Rylee Henderer, Junior, Design & Innovation Management

• Jordan S. Indrawan, Freshman, General Engineering

• Shaden C. Jensen, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

• Hollyn T. Kampfer, Sophomore, Business Administration

• Hunter J. Kaumanns, Freshman, General Engineering

• Crystal M. Kelso, Senior, Horticulture

• Emily M. King, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences

• Alexandra R. Koetje, Junior, Graphic Design

• Connor J. Kutzler, Junior, Psychology

• Casey R. McDaniel, Freshman, General Engineering

• Alexandria M. Miller, Post Baccalaureate, Biology

• Rosalina N. Page, Senior, English

• Corin B. Rodger, Senior, Computer Science

• Ella M. Ryan, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies

• Seth P. Staten, Junior, Earth Sciences

• Desmond Virasak-Holmes, Sophomore, Computer Science

• Ashlynn M. Wulk, Sophomore, Psychology

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