TR Gregg
TR Gregg established Get Noticed Marketing last year. (Photo courtesy of TR Gregg)

On a visit to Get Noticed Marketing’s website, the visitor’s eyes are immediately drawn to a bright red tomato … sitting atop a pile of green tomatoes. It stands out, it’s dominant, it’s noticeable.

That’s what Philomath marketing entrepreneur TR Gregg wants to do for local businesses and organizations — establish a digital presence that stands above and beyond the rest.

“You kind of basically just encourage people to understand that there’s a powerful medium that you could set into motion that’s independent of their responsibilities during the day and that’s just simply establishing a presence,” Gregg said recently during a sit-down interview in a Philomath coffee shop. “And then once you have it, what are you using it for? Who do you think is your customer? And why should they care?”

Gregg said if businesses and organizations can answer those questions, they’re headed in the right direction instead of relying, say, on serendipity.

It’s been just under a year now since Gregg established Get Noticed Marketing. He had previously worked in the high-level professional world of business development and marketing, a career that he said had turned into a chore with a lot of traveling to Europe and around the United States. 

“I just wanted to be creative again and so I started forming the basic background for the company,” Gregg said.

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It’s those creative juices that start to flow when he dives into a marketing project. Gregg can talk at length about the science behind various strategies in the industry. His background includes involvement with the Content Marketing Institute and three decades of hands-on experience in sales and marketing. But a lot of ideas originated at an early age from his father.

“I was raised by a mechanical engineer father who was very into the whole idea of market planning and going after a particular market in a technical world explaining to other engineers but still had to tell the story,” Gregg said. “So that was really interesting to me. … At the end of the day, you have to communicate.”

Gregg’s background includes graphic arts and print technology classes at Linn-Benton Community College years ago when he was in his 20s. He even worked at Ted Ward Printing in Philomath back in the day.

Gregg lays out his vision on the Get Noticed Marketing website with an explanation of the principles that he believes can lead to an effective use of digital assets. He approaches the process in a step-by-step manner to encourage businesses and other entities to improve, or even just have, an online presence.

“If you don’t have a web presence, get one,” he said. “If you do have a web presence, what are you going to say and who do you want to say it to?”

Those questions form the basis of launching a conversation with the ultimate goal of creating momentum and driving traffic to a website.

“I’ve really been reducing it down to a simple way to start to apply some of those ideas,” Gregg said.

Gregg delves into all corners of an entity’s web presence, such as creating a responsive design — which is a term for a website that looks good on smartphones, tablets or desktop computers. Engaging visual content — photos, video, graphics and so on — is another important piece. Then there’s the conversation, interaction and a call to action, plus strategies that help businesses and organizations become effectively discoverable on the internet.

Gregg’s work is not solely focused on website creation. He often sees a digital presence that’s lacking effective elements.

“I have the ability to freshen graphics, clean things up, just basic design principles,” he said.

Take the effective web presence of the local group, DRTR (Gregg’s on guitar and vocals, taking the stage with Dave Rogers and Mike McDonough). Or what he’s done with the Marys River Estates Road District website.

“I just took their information with very little change of what they were doing and just rearranged it and it’s creating the initiative to do more,” Gregg said.

Gregg’s marketing services also cover things like email campaigns, newsletters, blogs and social media. Other areas of design expertise include things like logos, posters, banners, documents and large graphics.

Momentum, presence, standing out. Just like the bright red tomato.