Art exhibit at Philomath Museum
The #ImagineTheFuture art exhibition will remain at the Philomath Museum until March 5. (Photo provided by Benton County Historical Society)
Sculpture at art exhibit
This piece is among those on display at the Philomath Museum’s #ImagineTheFuture exhibition. (Photo provided by Benton County Historical Society)

A visit to the #ImagineTheFuture’s digital home greets visitors with a proclamation: “It’s time for radical change. We need to rethink how we work together, to harness greater resources, broaden reach and build solidarity at multiple levels.”

The Imagine the Future movement is a global initiative with students, poets and visionaries in all walks of life “invited to paint a picture of the future we need — to really envision it — and delineate the critical steps necessary to get there.”

The #ImagineTheFuture art exhibition at the Benton County Historical Society’s Philomath Museum, which opened recently and will remain in place until March 5, was influenced by the global project and is meant to inspire conversations about relationships, the environment and ourselves. 

“While many of the works of art confront sobering topics, the exhibition as a whole is really quite uplifting and inspirational,” said Mark Tolonen, Philomath Museum curator.

Selected artists include Phil Coleman, Sabra Comins, Genece Cupp, Ramiro Diaz, Jan Dymond, Linda J. Edwards, Brian Egan, Leslie Green, Nancy Helmsworth, Vicki Idema, Karen Kreamer, Mary McDermott, Kate McGee, June Nissinen, Ralf Huber & Asante Riverwind, Judith Sander, Peggy Sharrow and JoAnne Walstad.

The museum, located at 1101 Main St., in Philomath, is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and features free admission.