This grave marker is not readable but appears to be located in the burial plot for Isaac H. Newton. (Photo by Brad Fuqua/Philomath News)

Published as it appeared on May 16, 1874, in the Weekly Corvallis Gazette, Page 3, Column 1.

DIED.—At his residence, about 4 miles west of this place, last Tuesday, Mr. Isaac Newton, one of our most respected and valued citizens. His death was not unexpected to his family or friends, as he has been in a very critical condition for several weeks. The cause of his death is explained by the physicians who attended him. An oppropriate (appropriate) abituary (obituary) will be furnished us next week.

Published as it appeared on May 16, 1874, in the Weekly Corvallis Gazette, Page 2, Column 2.


We are indebted to Dr. Applewhite for the following Autopsy, held over the body of Mr. Isaac Newton, Wednesday, May 13th, 1874, by Dr.’s Lee, Bayley, Boswell, Davis, Applewhite and other physicians of Corvallis, Oregon:

Found a large Tumor, weighing nine pounds, extending from the left kidney and including the same up to, and under the stomach, to which it was firmly adhered, also to the intestines spinal column, &c.

Mr. Newton had been treated by a number of physicians, without giving him any relief, as no remedial agent could reach his case, it being one of that character, which could not to any degree of certainty be diagnosed. We therefore the former attendants of the deceased, tender many thanks to the friends that we were granted an examination, of this singular case, the like of which we may not meet in  long life time practice.

It however gives us satisfaction to know that we did the best, we could, under circumstances, and to the friends this examination proves, that nothing in the power of man could have saved their friend and relative.

Could our people, be more liberal with physicians, and allow an examination of all intricate cases it could do no injury to the dead, but might add to the advancement of Medical Science.

Mr. Newton was thrown from a horse, some fifteen years ago, and badly hurt, and has been complaining more or less ever since of a pain over and about this diseased kidney, as it formed a part of this tumor, we think the injury received years ago, was the cause and foundation of it.