The grave marker of drowning victim Frank Ellsworth in the Southwest section of Mount Union Cemetery. (Photo by Brad Fuqua/Philomath News)

Published as it appeared on Jan. 8, 1918, in the Albany Daily Democrat, Page 1, Column 6.

Former Albany Man Slips Into
Santiam and Is Carried Down
Before Help Arrives.

MILL CITY, Jan. 8 — Frank Ellsworth, an employee of the Hammond Lumber company, was drowned here Monday morning. He was doing repair work along the bank of the river near the mill, when he accidentally fell in and was unable to swim against the strong current of the Santiam.

Mr. Ellsworth, who was about 40 years old, has been living near Lyons with his wife and four children. He is a son of Dan Ellsworth, who is employed in the Meier & Frank store in Portland.


Frank Ellsworth is well known in Albany, where his father lived for many years, and where he made his home prior to going to Lyons. He was a member of the Maccabee lodge of this city, and had many friends here.

The exact nature of the accident has not been learned here yet, but it is said he was wearing high rubber boots and a slicker which made it impossible for him to save himself against the swift current of the river. It is reported that the body has not been recovered, and if this is so it might be some time before it is located. The Santiam river is full of fallen trees, and if the body caught in the roots of a snag in the bottom it will be impossible to locate it until low water next summer.

Elmer Ellsworth, a brother, came up from Portland to investigate the accident, and another brother went to Mill City today from Eugene.

Published as it appeared on Feb. 25, 1918, in the Albany Daily Democrat, Page 3, Column 3.


The body of the late Frank Ellsworth, who was drowned at Mill City on January 7th, was found Saturday afternoon on a sandbar near Gooch, two miles below where he was seen to fall into the Santiam river. The body was badly decomposed, but a ring on his finger, his watch and other articles in his pocket, together with the brass identification tag of the Hammond Lumber Co., made his identification certain.

The body was brought to Albany Sunday and the funeral was held from the Fortmiller Funeral chapel at 9:30 this morning. The body was taken to Philomath for burial.

The untimely accident occurred while Mr. Ellsworth was at work along the river for the Hammond Lumber Co. He lost his balance and fell into the swift water and his heavy boots and rain clothing made it impossible to buck the current back to shore.

He was 44 years old. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ellsworth, live in Portland although the family is a former Albany family and all are well known in this city. Dr. Ellsworth’s wife and three children reside on their little place between Lyons and Mill City. He is also survived by two brothers.

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