The grave site of Cornelia Woodward in Mount Union Cemetery. With moss covering some of the lettering, the inscription below her name and years of life read, “She hath done what she could, Mark XIV, 8.” (Photo by Brad Fuqua/Philomath News)

Published as it appeared on Oct. 24, 1905, in the Corvallis Times, Page 2, Column 1.

Peaceful Passing of Mrs. E. Wood-
ward — The Funeral.

After an illness that lasted over three months, the death of Mrs. Cornelia Woodward, wife of ex-County Judge Woodward, occurred at the family home in this city at 10:30 o’clock Saturday morning. The end had been daily expected for sometime, and there occasioned no surprise, but only the deepest regret among local residents.

Mrs. Woodward in girlhood was Miss Cornelia Allen. She was born near Philomath May 21st, 1851, and received her education in the Philomath schools. She was married to E. Woodward in 1869, and 34 years of that married life has been spent by Mr. and Mrs. Woodward in Corvallis. The children of the union are Don and Winona Woodward.

Mrs. Woodward was an untiring Christian worker whose faith and zeal never faltered. She was also an active member of the W.C.T.U. in which she will be greatly missed.

The funeral occurred at 10 o’clock Monday morning from the United Evangelical church of which the deceased was a member. The services were conducted by Rev. C.T. Hurd. The regular choir rendered several selections, and Mrs. Woodward’s Sunday school class sang, “There’ll be no Dark Valley.” Rev. Bush read the scripture lesson, and Rev. Noble offered prayer.

There was an abundance of beautiful flowers and a large audience of sorrowing, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Interment was in Newton cemetery, near Philomath.

Published as it appeared on Oct. 24, 1905, in the Corvallis Gazette, Page 3, Column 3.

Mrs. Cornelia Woodward.

At her residence in this city, at 10:30 o’clock last Saturday morning, occurred the death of Mrs. Cornelia Woodward, wife of ex-County Judge E. Woodward. Funeral services were held at 10 o’clock yesterday morning at the United Evangelical church, of which she was a member, and were conducted by the pastor, Rev. C.T. Hurd.

Deceased was born May 21st, 1851, on a donation land claim on Mary’s river not far from Philomath, and her maiden name was Cornelia Allen, her father being Hiram Allen. She received her schooling in Philomath.

In 1869 she was married to E. Woodward. This was 36 years ago, and 34 of these years were passed in this city at the home where her death occurred. Her husband and two children, Don and Miss Winona Woodward, survive her.

During life Mrs. Woodward was a very earnest worker for the furtherance of all that promised a better and more moral life. She was an enthusiastic member of the W.C.T.U. and had also become a member of the United Evangelical church some years ago. A complication of ailments is supposed to have carried her away.

Many friends from a distance attended the funeral services yesterday and there was a profusion of beautiful floral tributes. Interment was made in Newton cemetery.