To the Editor:

Both the Central Coast Chapter and the South Willamette Valley Chapter of the National Organization for Women, NOW, have endorsed the re-election of Rep. David Gomberg.

David has joined our marches, spoken at our rallies and participated in our events. More importantly, he has worked for and voted for women’s health, women’s safety and women’s economic security.

Gomberg changed state laws and rules to make child care more accessible and affordable.

Gomberg was a co-sponsor of the nation’s strongest measure to ensure access to safe, legal abortions in Oregon at a time when that right was in jeopardy across the country.

David is also endorsed by Planned Parenthood PAC, Pro Choice Oregon, Mother PAC and the Oregon Nurses Association.

At a time when women’s health and cancer screenings, the care and safety of our children, and the fundamental right to control our own bodies is at risk, David Gomberg has repeatedly shown we can count on him.

Please vote to return David Gomberg to the Oregon House.

Cynthia Jacobi

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