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To the Editor:

I’ve read with bemusement the several recent letters supporting a candidate running to take the seat of our incumbent state representative, David Gomberg.

No doubt this person is the fine human being her supporters portray, but I’m at a loss to think why anyone would imagine that she, or anyone else, could possibly be a more responsive, effective, humane, hardworking and otherwise exemplary representative than the one we are so fortunate to have now.

For years I have been reading David’s thorough, informative and always interesting weekly newsletters, from which I always learn a great deal and which always leave me feeling awed at his boundless energy (regularly attending two to five events a day, often spanning the entire district, six days a week).

I’ve been inspired to share David’s newsletters with friends across the country as models of communication that’s not only effective but uplifting and unifying. In person, he is remarkably warm, attentive and responsive, and his track record of effectiveness as a listener, a conciliator and a communicator as well as a legislator is unparalleled in my experience as a constituent in the many places I have lived.

In my role as president of Friends of Lincoln County Animals (FOLCAS), I can attest specifically to David’s responsiveness and effectiveness as a legislator. He and his wife, Susie, have always been strong animal advocates, and they have been friends and supporters of FOLCAS since before David ran for office.

Several years ago, David successfully spearheaded a change in the Oregon Revised Statutes on behalf of our Pick of the Litter thrift store (with unanimous votes in both House and Senate) that has resulted in our being able to devote thousands of dollars more a year to the spay/neuter of shelter animals and veterinary financial aid for local pets (totaling over $1 million since our founding in 2009).

Our district has a jewel in David Gomberg and it’d be a very bad bargain to trade him away.

Emily DeHuff

One reply on “Letter: We are fortunate to have David Gomberg as our representative”

  1. I feel a need to respond you letter praising our current representative. You state you are bemused by the letters that express a desire to vote for Celeste McEntee. I am slightly unamused by your letter.
    You love his letters and are in awe of his energy. That’s ok for you. His letters are one of many who do the same.
    You attest to his effectiveness as a legislator by example of a minimal controversial bill that passed with a bipartisan vote. What about the one that was very controversial, was passed but not with a bipartisan vote, and went against an overwhelming no vote by Oregonians who did not want anyone who is illegally in Oregon to be able to obtain a driver’s license.
    This representative that you praise as being unparalleled, voted against his constituents’ very clear decision. He also voted to lower education standards for our children.
    Oregon needs a change, we have many problems that have either not been addressed or have been made worse by our current state government.
    I would encourage everyone to take a good look at both candidates, reflect on the direction you want our state to go and vote.
    Joan Weaver

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