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Dear Editor:

During this pandemic many people have gone above and beyond. I would like to recognize two ladies that I know who fit in that category. 

When this started last March, Diane Crocker announced she was putting a cooler outside her home. She said, “please don’t go to bed hungry.”

Diane graciously kept the cooler full of food for anyone who needed it. “No questions asked and come anytime day or night to help yourself.” I believe this went on for approximately four to six weeks.

“Seek and Find — COVID Christmas Style” was another of Diane’s ways to put some jolly in the 25 days before Christmas. Her front porch started out with a small display and then with each approaching day she would add something and had three items that would “magically move around.” It was something to look forward to on a daily basis.

Another lady I have the privilege of knowing is an incredible seamstress. Elaine Schwartz has sewn 500-plus masks for whoever needs them.

Elaine’s latest way of giving is summed up in this message. “Donate for one or more for yourself; I’ll donate one to Ministries for the Homeless.”

Thank You Diane and Elaine for going above and beyond!

Mary Torgerson