Artwork by Getty Images via Canva

To the Editor:

Local elections are hard. While I congratulate all of our local elected leaders that are awakening this morning to news that their election campaigns were successful, others face a different reality and my heart goes out to them.

Local elections feel particularly personal, because it is entirely possible that folks voting for your opponent may actually know you. Thus, what is simply a lost election campaign can feel like a personal rebuke. I acknowledge that and the resulting pain and depression is real.

When we put ourselves on the ballot, we are likely doing so for what we feel are good reasons. We give it our best effort. However, there are no local polls that offer hints on the eventual outcome. There are the yard sign displays. There are the folks at the farmers’ market and at your local Meetn’ Place that may offer their confidence, a little jab, or no hint of their leaning at all. And those whispers of intent or suppositions of support are all our local candidates are able to carry with us on our journey towards election day.

I write this with an eye towards those that were not successful last night. Whether or not I voted for them, there was no ill intent in my vote. I voted for the candidates that I believe will most effectively and respectfully move Philomath forward. Our voters have done the same.

While I am generally pleased with the local election results, I recognize that not everyone is having the same experience. I empathize. I really do. Please know that your community appreciates your dedication to the city. Six city council and one mayoral candidates had to rise to the top. That is simply local politics and local politics is hard.

Mayor Chas Jones