To the Editor:

As a culture and country, we’ve consistently moved towards greater and greater respect and protection for human and civil rights. The overturn of Roe v. Wade continues this excellent American tradition.

Though the Supreme Court decision didn’t take the final step — identification of the unborn as human beings and therefore constitutionally protected — by returning the matter to the states, it opens up the democratic processes which will allow some local laws to properly protect unborn human beings.

As science has progressed, we can now identify that human life begins at fertilization; a unique human being is conceived and formed. Through our American tradition of increasingly greater respect for all human life, we will, on the whole, likely move towards additional protections for the unborn — and, perhaps, one day, we’ll see a Supreme Court case in which the unborn are legally identified as human persons and therefore can be constitutionally protected at the federal level.

We’ve come this far, and I think we’ll see it through to the end!

Brent Kaseman