To the Editor:

Every once in a while, someone steps out of the peripheral of our lives and makes a positive impression on how we see the world. Such has been the case as I’ve gotten to know Logan Hannigan-Downs over the past several years.

I most recently happened upon Logan sitting outside of La Rockita. We exchanged smiles as I gave him a big handshake and asked him what he was up to.  

“Headed to Texas. Friday. Got a job at College Station at the local paper.”

As much as I was thrilled for him, I know Philomath is losing one of its good ones as he spreads his wings to make his way in the world. I think I first met Logan when he was still in high school, strapping his cameras to the backs of basketball backboards to capture crazy, sports magazine-angle shots and submitting shots to the local news.

My next experience was driving side-by-side at the Frolic & Rodeo 5K Family Fun Run with Logan in the back taking photos of the runners as they left the starting line and sprinted through the course. I missed most of the big bumps, but it was still a bumpy ride for a guy dedicated to getting unique shots of the runners.  

Logan has volunteered his time for the Frolic & Rodeo over the last several years, creating a highlight video that is now used on the Frolic’s home page, capturing overhead shots from his drone, live-streaming the fireworks extravaganza from the back of a pickup truck when we couldn’t hold the Frolic, and sharing countless photos of people participating in various events throughout the Frolic. From the sidewalk chalk coloring contest, fish rodeo and home run derby to the parade, kids’ corner and of course, the rodeo itself, Logan was there with his camera capturing every moment.

Most recently, Logan captured video and photos of the grandstands fire that devastated the community. Although emotional to watch, we are forever grateful that Logan was there to help document this tragedy.  

Thank you, Logan, for the photos, the videos and the memories you helped capture over the years. You’ve made your mark on Philomath, best of luck to you as you go make your mark on the rest of the world. We wish you all the best!

Chris Workman
Philomath city manager
and Philomath Frolic & Rodeo volunteer board member