To the Editor:

You lucky people of Philomath! Due to legislative redistricting in Oregon finalized in 2021, you now have the opportunity in the upcoming election to vote for one of the hardest-working individuals in politics as your state representative: Rep. David Gomberg.

We have been proud to have him as our representative here on the central coast and now he can be yours, too. When not tied up in Salem, Rep. Gomberg spends all his “free” time getting out into the community, attending events, festivals, hearings, lunches, meetings, business openings, and in general, getting to know his constituents and their concerns.

Sometimes he’s in three or four different places in a single day. A businessman himself, he’s taken great pains to learn about wind farms, wave energy, earthen dams, fishing, farming, forestry, housing, food insecurity, education, tourism and the labor market — all the issues that affect our part of Oregon.

His weekly informative email newsletter includes a variety of topics in addition to what the legislature is up to. You won’t be disappointed to choose David Gomberg on your ballot this fall. No one will work harder for you!

Linda Reid
Gleneden Beach