To the Editor:

Philomath is well served by city councilors Catherine Biscoe and Jessica Andrade.

As a Corvallis city councilor, I have the pleasure of working with Catherine and Jessica on state and regional issues such as homelessness and the regional Bias Response Initiative. Anyone who speaks with either of these councilors can immediately tell the depth of care they have for the residents of Philomath and, regardless of politics, that they both want to see the city of Philomath thrive.

Councilors Biscoe and Andrade are tireless advocates of community involvement in government and of public transparency. They will always advocate for fair government and work to ensure that your voice, as a Philomath resident, is heard in shaping your city’s future.

Both councilors are very active with the League of Oregon Cities (LOC), an organization built to support and advocate for cities of all sizes. Through their participation with the LOC, Catherine and Jessica have built strong connections with cities spanning the whole state of Oregon. These connections bring fresh ideas to Philomath, build up the town and benefit our whole region.

I hope Philomath will re-elect Councilor Biscoe and Councilor Andrade to the Philomath City Council this November, continuing their excellent service to their community.

Gabe Shepherd
Corvallis city councilor