To the Editor:

David Gomberg has been endorsed for re-election by the Oregon State Police Officers Association. Some in Salem argue we should defund the police. David is working to fund the police!

He’s worked to add back patrol positions lost on the coast and add positions to better complete firearm background checks. He’s also done ride-along shifts with the State Police, County Sheriff and city police to better understand the challenges, risks, and concerns faced by first responders every day.

Rep. Gomberg also introduced bills to honor officers lost in the line of duty and place memorial signs along our coastal highways.

David supported new funds for state police, giving us more resources to protect communities and confront crime. Only one candidate in this race is actually making us safer.

Cari Boyd, retired Oregon State Police lieutenant
Gleneden Beach

One reply on “Letter: OSP officers support Gomberg because he supports us”

  1. Words of Celeste McEntee:
    “Every Oregonian deserves to feel safe in their own home, neighborhood, and community. We must do more to support our local law enforcement and first responders. They are on the frontline every day protecting us. We need to give them the resources to do their job effectively – which means keeping our community safe. I will always support our police, first responders, and law enforcement officers.”

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