To the Editor:

I am a lifelong Democrat and I am endorsing Celeste McEntee for Oregon state representative.

I am choosing to vote outside of my party because I feel things have spiraled out of control under the current leadership and I know Celeste McEntee has the determination and experience to restore equilibrium in Salem and stand up for Oregon’s rural communities.

Ms. McEntee’s success as a local entrepreneur and developer demonstrates her business acumen and understanding of the resources unique to the region — tourism, fishing, agriculture and timber industries — and how investing in these assets is key to Oregon’s economic prosperity.

Celeste McEntee will work to promote educational opportunities for our children, improve access to quality healthcare for all Oregonians and protect our seniors. She is pro-law enforcement and believes in supporting those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Celeste McEntee sincerely cares about the people of Oregon and has consistently demonstrated her commitment to our communities through her hard work, volunteerism and philanthropy. Celeste McEntee is smart, experienced and has a huge heart, and is exactly what Oregon needs right now.

I am voting for Celeste McEntee for Oregon state representative.

Penelope McCue