To the Editor:

I am writing to represent the majority view in Philomath regarding Measure 109, which is glad to welcome psilocybin services to Oregon.

I am proud to live in a state that recognizes the enormous potential this therapy has for those suffering from alcoholism or PTSD. In rigorous clinical trials, it has been shown to offer great benefits to veterans struggling with trauma, or patients facing a terminal illness.

I appreciate my fellow Oregonians for their forward thinking and for rejecting outdated notions based on ignorance and am disappointed that a few folks in Philomath have taken it upon themselves to place obstacles to accessing this treatment after our community clearly voiced its approval in 2020.

I respect that there are those in this town who disagree, but those people cannot claim “we don’t want this here.” The majority feel differently and expressed those feelings at the ballot box.

Giana Bernardini