To the Editor:

Dear Philomath,

When I look back over the past three years, one of the greatest improvements our community has seen was actually not provided by the city, school district, chamber of commerce, Frolic or even PYAC. It is something most other small communities in Oregon (and the entire country, really) crave and something I fear we may be taking for granted.

It is the power of the press. Not the kind of power that wields itself over others or corrupts but the power to inform, educate, promote and celebrate locally.

Philomath News promotes itself as being:

1. Hyperlocal — The Philomath News covers everything in Philomath: City and school board public meetings, clubs and nonprofit organizations, Philomath sports, community events, business ribbon-cuttings and closures, crime reports, weather incidents, etc. Additionally, the online platform allows for endless photos, a community calendar, editor’s blog and links to state and national stories.

2. Independent — The Philomath News is not owned by an out-of-state media conglomerate or influenced by political parties or special interests. It is owned and operated by Brad Fuqua, a local resident who cares about his community and who’s sole desire is publishing objective, unbiased news.

3. Trusted — Brad Fuqua has built a reputation as a journalist who could be trusted, which is reflected in his honest and fair reporting. You will not find sensationalized headlines or other click-bait tactics other news organizations in Corvallis and Albany are infamous for.

If you are reading this, you likely already know about and enjoy the benefits Philomath News brings to the community. Philomath News is not a hobby or part-time gig for Brad, it is 40-plus hours per week and it takes money to keep it going.

Here’s the challenge:

If you are not already a Philomath News member, consider subscribing at the $7 per month supporter, $15 per month partner or $35 per month pillar level.

If you used to subscribe but your membership has lapsed, please re-subscribe.

If you know someone whose family member has been highlighted in a recent sports or news writeup, share this letter with them and encourage them to support hyperlocal news.

If you are a business, consider advertising with Philomath News. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is compared to print media.

Please join me in thanking Brad and the Philomath News by continuing to support this effort financially. Let’s not take what we have for granted.

Chris Workman