To the Editor:

We could use a whole new approach. Instead of worn arguments and assumptions that go back through my lifetime, we could use a brave, open mind or two or more.

I’m not talking about the use of fungi or the latest push to change our choices in other ways. I’m saying we can still get along better and work together to serve all the people we love. We can imagine that. And we can imagine more.

Is there only a will to be angry and blame? How about the will to resolve concerns that are actually mutual? We can embody the values of which we speak, whether or not anybody goes along. We don’t need to wait for anyone and there’s no law against it. It does take practice and patience.

Love is long-suffering (or we wouldn’t be here). Peace is the high road, not the easy way. However, it seems when things are easy, we don’t appreciate them. Yes, we need good judgment, to implement that from within oneself. It’s a lifelong challenge that’s worthy of the work and patience.

We share a spirit with each other and the broader community. Let’s make the most of it, and really listen to each other’s life experience, encourage each other, share insights, learn about the world around us and what’s in our hearts. All else will fall into place.

Now is the time and here is the space to do this.

Judy Hays-Eberts