To the Editor:

Celeste McEentee is the candidate I am voting for to represent Lincoln County in the state House of Representatives.

Celeste has a keen understanding of what it takes to thrive and also succeed in the fishing, tourism, agriculture, hospitality, timber and port industries. She knows, firsthand, as a business owner, the issues employers and employees are facing across our state.

Celeste is ready to advocate for all residents, families and hard-working Oregonians in District 10. She will not be swayed by the extreme agendas from Salem or Portland and she will put a bumper-stop on the overzealous spending by Democrats, including Brown’s tax-and-spend policy. Celeste will help to strengthen and also stabilize our economy.

As an entrepreneur, among many other things, Celeste learned at a young age the value of hard work and always puts principles over politics. She will use her business acumen, along with her skills and knowledge, to mend the broken system that has taken over our state, hurting Oregonians and leaving them behind.

According to Celeste, the growing list of concerns among Oregonians is just simply unacceptable and she is ready to stand up to restore what has been broken. A few key issues for Celeste are to bring back high-quality education in schools while keeping politics and ideologies out of the classroom, supporting law enforcement to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe and addressing the need for more affordable housing while also rebuilding our coastal and agricultural economies.

So vote for Celeste McEntee for state representative, her opponent has had his 10 years in office and look where we’re at. It’s time for a new approach and for him to go fly a kite.

Salina Gaskill