To the Editor:

“All Christmas Trees 5.00.” It is a simple white sign with black stenciled letters placed on a vacant lot on Main Street.

Thus, the holiday season has arrived and memories flood my heart and mind of a time now past, our young family of eight was struggling to cope with a cancer diagnosis and all of its devastating consequences — financially, physically and emotionally.

“All Christmas Trees 5.00.” (Photo provided by Teresa Nielson)

Amidst the overwhelming struggle to maintain the holiday traditions that were a beloved and vital part of our family life, the Blodgett Community Church and their five-dollar Christmas trees were an answer to prayer. In reality, our five-dollar Christmas tree that year was the glue that kept our family together, filling the walls of our home with hope, love and gratitude.

And now, many years later, this wonderful community tradition and our five-dollar Christmas trees have additional significance, demonstrating not only the kindness, generosity, and service of those who volunteer and work to provide affordable Christmas trees for our neighbors, but even more importantly, send a much larger, more powerful message of goodness and benevolence prevailing in a time when the world is burdened with homelessness, poverty, pandemics and rampant materialism.

This holiday season I offer sincere and heartfelt appreciation to Blodgett Community Church for the countless years that they have unwaveringly held the light of hope, peace, generosity and goodwill toward all humanity, exemplified in one small white sign.

Teresa Nielson