To the Editor:

With deep gratitude and appreciation, we recognize Councilor Catherine Biscoe for her contributions to the board of the Women’s Caucus of the League of Oregon Cities as well as the board of directors of the League of Oregon Cities and, through it, her considerable work supporting women-elected officials statewide.

Councilor Biscoe exemplifies collaborative leadership. She serves as a member of the League of Oregon Cities Board of Directors, representing mid- and south Willamette Valley cities, both small and large. In 2021, Councilor Biscoe organized and presented testimony to that board to gain its support for creating the women’s caucus and successfully led the new group as president in its inaugural year. She has supported her caucus colleagues throughout Oregon inclusively, respectfully, energetically and tenaciously.

She listens, she encourages and she draws out everyone to assure that all voices in the room (and on Zoom) are heard. She has been a source of strength for our new group when we have needed it most. To us, and to many others across the state, Catherine Biscoe is a good friend.

The divisiveness that can be so damaging in politics never touched Councilor Biscoe’s work to help build our organization. The caucus is based on a foundation of collaboration and support. Councilor Biscoe’s tireless efforts set the Women’s Caucus on a sustainable path that will continue to support women-elected officials across Oregon for years to come.

Councilor Biscoe has been an enthusiastic ambassador for Philomath. Her contributions and leadership reflect well on her city and we hope that the community of Philomath will recognize and celebrate her service with us. We are grateful that you have shared this exceptional leader with our community of local Oregon city officials.

Thank you, Councilor Biscoe.

Susan Wahlke
Lincoln City mayor

Editor’s note: The preceding letter, submitted by Lincoln City Mayor Susan Wahlke, included the signatures of several other individuals: Councilor Kristin Akervall, Wilsonville; Councilor Roxanne Beltz, Monmouth; Councilor Bridget Brooks, Tualatin; Mayor Arlene Burns, Mosier; Councilor Laurie Chaplen, Corvallis; Mayor Cathy Clark, Keizer; Councilor Robert Cowie, Chiloquin; Mayor Jessica Engelke, North Bend; Retired Commissioner Amanda Fritz, Portland; Councilor Mindy Garlington, Gladstone; Councilor Paula Hyatt, Ashland; Councilor Cynthia Jacobi, Newport; Councilor Kristy Kottkey, Forest Grove; Councilor Wendy Lawton, Fairview; Councilor Denyse McGriff, Oregon City; Councilor Tita Montero, Seaside; Mayor Dean Sawyer, Newport; Councilor Jeanette Shaw, Tigard; Councilor Marilyn Smith, Albany; Councilor Susan Trachsel, Siletz; City Administrator John Walsh, St. Helens; and Councilor Malynda Wenzl, Forest Grove.