To the Editor:

When Waldport was facing serious water problems, we called Rep. David Gomberg. Replacing or repairing our water storage and wastewater systems was going to cost millions of dollars and the people of our small city couldn’t afford it. Gomberg delivered with state money, saving every taxpayer here thousands of dollars.

The remarkable thing is that Waldport is not unique. Gomberg brought home money for ports, parks, schools, water systems and fire recovery throughout Lincoln County. He stood up to the big cities to make sure we got our share and more. The total is well over $70 million which means Lincoln County received twice that of other regions.

I also appreciate that the representative shows up here in Waldport at everything from our parades, to our chamber of commerce to our City Council meetings. He does that in every community throughout our district every day.

David Gomberg is doing meaningful and impactful work for all of us. We will be well served when we re-elect him to continue that work.

Greg Holland